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Ningbo housing mortgage loan

Ningbo housing mortgage loan

a, and need provides of information:
borrowing people (married) couples both of ID, and account this, and marriage proved; 
borrowing people (unmarried) of ID, and account this, and single proved; 
borrowing people (divorce) ID, and account this, and divorce card, and single proved, and property segmentation book;
land titles, and property, and income proved, and uses proved
II, and process: provides information-- Assessment--Bank approval--batch loan--mortgage--lending  

three, and lending time and the loan years:

1, and lending time: General 10 a days (if emergency funds, you can handle civil borrowing)

2, and loan lines and years: housing assessment value of highest percentage years--15 years  

four, and conditions requirements: 1, and loan people age: loan people age < 60 age  


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