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The return of housing provident fund benefits paid

In two meetings this year, CPPCC Member Zhang Hongming again submit proposals, calling for a new round of the housing Provident Fund Management Ordinance be amended, the words "the housing provident funds proceeds to pay personal" into this article.
This is the third time Zhang Hongming submitted proposals requested the State Council and the Ministry of housing, the Ministry of finance to amend Ordinance to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people on the Housing Fund. His question points to the housing Provident Fund management regulations an obvious logical contradictions, namely housing provident funds as personal property, but not indiscriminately.
under article III of the regulations: employee paid housing accumulation Fund paid housing units for employees and employees Provident Fund belongs to the individual. Meanwhile, the 29th article of the Ordinance provides that the value-added benefits of the housing Provident Fund should be used for the establishment of housing accumulation Fund loan risk provisions, public housing fund management center management costs and construction of city low-rental housing supplement.
Zhang Hongming considered that article 29th article conflict. "Since the housing Provident Fund belongs to the individual of all, value-added benefits derived therefrom that balance ought to belong to the individual, not attributable to finance for the construction of city low-rental housing. "
Zhang Hong-Ming questioned, there are many words of excuse. There are two main claims:
one argument was that Government housing accumulation funds and banks absorbs deposits, depositors interest surplus after part-owned bank. Also it was felt that housing accumulation funds precipitated many slopes towards the House security or not.
also said that income tax policy of the National Housing Fund, the nation's investment. Now that the State has invested, and will be rewarded, it can change the housing Provident Fund balance under financial.
Zhang Hongming believes that "commercial banks confused with public management of Government and is a great deal of misunderstanding. "He said," a small tax breaks to get all the right of individuals to benefits, more unequal. If want to take only housing accumulation funds charge a nominal personal income tax, but not all earnings balance. ”

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