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Seven hot spots of the property disputes complaint

315 evening has ended, but for every average consumer is 315. From 315 to the party and the masses hotline complaint, in the field of real estate, disputes or activist events focused on the following aspects:

1. the relocation sign
nail, demolition, such as water and electricity problems, and even kill. Although houses on State-owned land expropriation and compensation after the introduction of the Bill and pay more attention to protecting the interests of expropriated, but these phenomena still occur in some places.
2. contract invalid
main disputes is the developer for the pre-sale stage access to advance funds in advance, not apply for pre-sale permit in case purchase contract signed with the buyers, due to delay in legal documents, resulting in real estate sale contract. Unscrupulous developers ran, consumers are suffering financial losses, Fang Cai loses both.
some developers fail to delay delivery of commercial housing completed, in time achieve commercial acceptance certificate and other reasons, unable to pay, resulting in disputes.
housing quality problems developers seeking profits, making the "floor", "Lou yy", "cardboard floor" and other problems, threatening the buyer's property and life safety.
design disputes such as green becomes small, public road spaces, the building "grow taller", "fat" and so on, this is because the developers when designing, planning, did not let buyers without the knowledge, resulting in buyers ' interests are infringed.
6. real estate bust
housing development cycle is long, large amount of money spent, once the enterprise capital chain rupture, real estate risks would face going bust. Especially in pre-sale, because buyers have to pay most, if not all buyers, if the real estate bust, buyers will face manpower situation, out of reach, but also no money back.
7. property services
owners consider property services companies more money, small, low quality of the services provided. Property service companies consider themselves to manage the community, the owner shall be subject to the management, conflicts between the gradual accumulation, resulting in disputes.


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