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Second mortgage lowered the minimum down payment to 40%, buyers will have any effect?

on March 30, the Central Bank, the Housing Ministry and the China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued a notice, owning a home and the corresponding loans outstanding of families to buy second homes, the minimum down-payment ratio is not less than 40%.  Use of housing accumulation Fund loan to buy the first sets of ordinary housing, minimum down payment 20%, owning a home and family of closed loans apply again for housing purchase, minimum down payment 30%.
      , new rules for buyers to save how much startup capital?
       We have two or three line-city average of 10,000 yuan to be, the couple bought a 100 level two-bedroom total 1 million, down payment on a second home 40%, you only need 400,000, down payment on a second home 70%, 700,000, money savings of 300,000 yuan.
       300,000, for the couple two or three cities a total of 10,000 a month, saving reduction, 3000 Yuan a month, 100 months, that is 8 years. We count 300,000 loan 8 years, interest is about 70,000.

    that is for removing prices high to North Canton deep, we save the startup capital of 230,000 yuan!
       on the other hand, of course, we have increased the interest of 70,000, but with 70,000 bought 8 years time is worthwhile.


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