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Real estate taxes not curbing prices

Real estate tax is expected to launch this year, CPPCC National Committee member, renowned economist Li daokui, 4th, real estate taxes should be positioned as "Super fee", and specifically for local taxes, rather than on a central across the Board.
in this regard, Li explained that the object of the real estate tax vary widely, various local economic conditions are completely different, so be sure to adjust measures to local conditions. "I call on the property tax property tax is defined as, as a corollary, this year is expected to introduce real estate tax laws should be thick rather than thin, fixed by the central principle of local refinement. "
as for the levy of estate duty, Li stressed, and there is no fixed answer. In the economically developed areas, real estate development is mature, is also more a sound of the services provided, and can therefore increase the property tax levy. In growth cities, due to the real estate industry has not yet stabilized, early real estate tax is likely to affect the normal development of the city.
, the introduction of property tax is likely to curb price rises? Li daokui said this likely to be negligible. "Can't rely on property taxes rise in housing prices, which is impossible, impossible. "He noted that in China real estate industry's most prosperous time, annual price increases far more than property tax levy. "To let the real estate tax to curb price rises below 1% even, this is not practical. "He said.
Li believes that real estate tax is actually a local government and public administration mechanism for interaction between the owners. "For example to buy a House, if the community policing is a mess, none repaired the House prices go? Certainly does not go on, if the local Government of a certain real estate tax, the money spent to improve the surrounding environment, prices will go up, so owners will be pleased. "
real estate tax is very accurate, but more limited, so do not give it too much expectation. He said, "a tool that only a tool, if the location is too much, you tend to go awry. “

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