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Property taxes levied by number or area is still controversial

On March 1, the registration was officially launched, follow the, people drift near the property tax in fear and worry.
recently, CPPCC Member, Institute of fiscal science, Ministry of former Director Jia Kang, in an interview, said the property tax has been fixed, from 2015 to 2016, the tax or the legislative process, completed in 2017 legislation into the implementation process.
property tax: by area or by there are pros and cons
for real estate tax units, people are most concerned about is how is the problem. Jia Kang, think about this, the real estate tax system of China can not copy the United States model, there should be some exemptions. First do not sign or number of square metres per capita do not levy, both have their advantages and disadvantages.
40 square meters per capita proposals from the Academy of social sciences, for example, does not take into account the effects of family change. Another programme is the first set to lose entirely, but it might be another question, inspired a surge in the divorce. After the divorce, husband and wife became one person originally set. Meanwhile, the first set of exemptions will also have "side effects", which makes buying a first home desperately buy large. In addition, the view was expressed that first suite is more than 40 square meters, there are more than 400 square meters, should be distinguished.
price: price stabilization also depends on the regional
When asked about property taxes influence House prices, Jia Kang, said that theoretically will make prices more stable. It would reduce the bubble, particularly to curb the kind of unbridled speculation. But in the medium and long run, China's urbanization level is in the process of rising. China's urbanization level is not actually up to 40% now, international experience is said to be 70%, it will go to the low stage of development. Prior to that, rising on a basic shape, I think there is no force can change.
for the overall trend of national real estate industry this year, said Jia Kang, now generally completion in 2015 should, in General, we feel that kind of stabilisation. But be sure to analyze what you care about, you are interested in a few cities, which area of the city, the location of which type.
"If you are concerned about Beijing within five rings, this is the most resilient of the lot. But you also have analysis are rings within the school district or non-district House, two very different concepts. School District estimates up to ilovejun, because education reform is also not to say regardless of the concept of school district level. Rings in the the non-school districts overall resilience is quite high, because the location was decided. But you also need to analyze, the rings within the concept of large, you want to see which locations. ”

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