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Property stocks turned up 11 months the first drop signal emerges

Monitoring of Shanghai Institute of real estate 35 new urban housing stock amounted to 271.48 million square meters, rose 0.1%, an increase of 19.1%.
"31 cities, stocks rose. "Obviously, the first-tier cities property market inventory fell 0.9%. However, from the PIN than, 35 cities of inventory needs to 15.6 months to finish digesting.
"indicators to measure inventory velocity of PIN than can be seen in 2014, to cycle through inventory ' inverted u-shaped ' trend, which reflects the various types of rescue effect in the show, making housing Ministry ' trying to digest stock ' targets to be achieved more quickly. Expected in March as the quickening pace of both supply and demand in the market, the big city inventory velocity is still expected to continue to accelerate.
better parts inventory pressure has been released, will show signs of rebound in house prices stop falling. Coincidentally, according to national research center of Midland Realty statistics showed last week (March 9-March 15), the first-tier cities property market turnover was warmer, a, second-hand house trading volume rose to varying degrees. In the primary housing, Beijing week sold per cent gain to 88.2%, Shenzhen 16.5%; second-hand housing, Shenzhen to pick up in good shape, appears relatively big rises. According to securities daily finishing

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