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Ningbo Provident Fund loan limit be raised to 900,000 graduates are down 20%

To support the purchase of the first set and the second set to improve in owner-occupied housing consumption, further reducing paid employees purchase economic pressure, in November this year, Ningbo housing Provident Fund management optimization adjustment policy of housing provident fund housing loans to individuals.
lower housing provident fund housing loans to raise the threshold of credit
, the original policy pay housing fund in full over 12 consecutive months can apply for housing provident fund housing loans to individuals. New policy for 6 months you can apply for a loan. Original remote deposit housing accumulation Fund paid in less than 6 months in a row, in this city, and had moved to the city of deposit, deposit can be combined.
the first finds were made accordingly. Deposit workers ' family room, first set of owner-occupied households, or name and closed the appropriate housing to a housing loan (including housing common reserve fund loan and commercial bank loans), buy a second improvement common in owner-occupied housing, applying for housing provident fund housing loans to individuals, do the first home loan policies.
equally positive for buyers also include the purchase of the first home loan limits increased. Workers who have paid into the Housing Fund for 2 years in a row first set in owner-occupied housing, the housing provident fund housing loans highest loan amount can be raised to 900,000 yuan from the current 800,000 yuan/household/households.
support university graduates purchase: down payment proportion 20%
University graduates Yu September 20, 2014 to September 19, 2015 during, in Yong purchase Shi, application handle housing Provident Fund personal housing loan, its housing Provident Fund of continuous deposit time can from original provides of 12 months shortened for 3 months;
in meet loan about provides of premise Xia, loan lines can floating 20%, but each households not over highest loan limit.
to buy 120 square meters following the first set of commodity housing, loan payment, from the existing 30% to not less than 20%.

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