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Mortgage new influence showed early October data better

Mortgage deal, spurred by the downturn in the national housing market changed last month. Data view, October in one or two cities volume significantly improved. The volatile situation in the domestic real estate market, some high net worth people looking abroad. Data shows that first half of the year, China's total overseas investment in real estate 17% compared with last year.
    70 percent interest rate does not appear
    day before the national day holiday, the Central Bank and China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued a mortgage deal. On October 9 after China Construction Bank took the lead in implementing, ICBC, agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Bank and part of the city commercial banks immediately followed. Judging from policy fall, banks are in Central Bank policy is strictly enforced on the first found loose standards, regardless of whether there are a home, as long as the settlement of loans, may, in accordance with the first suite of mortgage policy implementation.
    in accordance with mortgage rules, for a loan to buy a suit from the housing family, as well as having 1 housing and settlement of purchase loans and the improvement of the living conditions once again apply for a loan to buy the ordinary commodity housing families, minimum down-payment loan for 30%, a floor on lending rates as the benchmark lending rate of 0.7 times, according to the risk profile determined depending on the branch.
    despite the new deal mentioned in the first home lowest mortgage rate to 70 percent, but after 360 monitoring data shows that there is at present no bank discount, some specific preferential interest rates and banking rules has not yet been issued. Although the Central Bank policy referred to in "70 percent limit", but in higher financing costs, low mortgage rates, coupled with bank credit lines of tension and free pricing system under the background of the market, 90 percent discount is also difficult, 70 percent are "floating clouds".
    October housing data for the better
    while the aggressive discounting is not strong, but since October, the property transaction data across a well. Centaline property research center statistics show 54 city total Agency 53790 last week, has been rising for three consecutive weeks.
    It is worth noting that it is one or two lines sold in big cities had improved markedly. In Beijing, for example, and Tag Heuer Agency statistics show, last week sold a total of commercial housing 2191, sold an area of 215100 square meters, rising 31%, 38% per cent; after deducting social housing, housing, pure residential units in the chain, sold last week by a 74.4%. After deducting from the housing projects last week 905 Beijing pure residential real supply of goods, which, in the high-end today improved housing supply 527, up to 58% per cent.

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