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Migration will relax the policy to abolish residence permit fees

On March 5, the Government work report this year to capture the implementation of the reform of the household registration system, eased migration policy implementation, working and living in cities but has not yet settled in the migrant population, with a residence permit as a carrier providing basic public services, cancellation of residence permit fees. Household registration system reform costs
Lv Bin, Director of the Centre of urban planning and design thought, the Prime Minister mentioned in the report towns of reform of content while only a few paragraphs of text, but the amount is still large. Urbanization to rural population access to basic public services, which requires Governments at all levels did a lot of work, the cost is very high, such as employment, resettlement, social security and other aspects of the connection costs. Who is to pay the fee? For example, Beijing suburb farmers Township is required to pay, difficulties are very great.
Lv Bin, said immigrants settled in still need to offer a lot of employment. At present, Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing need to score settled, which requires foreign population reached normal working, continuous tax and domicile conditions can accumulate points, but there aren't many people who can meet the standard. Population aggregate to the local Centre of the city

Lv Bin said, from the analysis of such reports, the population will no longer focus on large cities, but will be distributed to local cities and towns, transferred population resettlement. China's vast land and from homeland security, ecological safety, continuation of the local culture, to the big city crowd, efficiency is not high. "To the nearest town, it is desirable".
any central city solo are not possible, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and Hong Kong are the same, there must be a rational division of labour, cannot be good at all, can only be configured with reasonable around matching. Eventually formed a State: a lot of people working in the central city, but live in surrounding cities. Basic public services in cities in an orderly way of sharing in the same city, desalination administrative boundaries in the mechanism, establish sharing mechanisms in the same city. In addition, the urban agglomeration between Midtown mass rail transit should be strengthened.

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