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In February, the city falling residential prices since last year, the 9th

On March 2, the China index Research Institute issued a report in February 2015, and 100 cities across the country (new) residential average price 10539 Yuan/sq m, the chain fell 0.24%. Bai has 72 cities home prices fell in the city. This is the first time since last May by the 9th after having dropped by January this year there was a rose.
prices in the city, none of the first-tier cities, up the top five was Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Lianyungang, Wuhan, Hohhot, and are two or three-tier cities.
in addition, the per cent, down 3.84% 100 cities nationwide housing prices to February 2014, down from last month by 0.75%. This shows that February, national Pai Cheng (new) residential average price both up and down the chain down.
hundred price index of Beijing, Shanghai and other cities of newly-built housing sample survey data show that February 2015 top ten ASP 18957/sq m of urban housing, from the micro-0.17%.
specifically, the 4 cities in the ten major cities rose over the previous month decreased by 2, followed by Shenzhen, Wuhan, Tianjin, and Shanghai. In addition, second-hand house prices in ten cities from the rose, according to the Beijing ten second-hand residential activity in the downtown of the city, such as sample surveys, in February 2015, ten samples of second-hand residential average price in the downtown of the city is 26215 Yuan/sq m, rose 0.18%.
Huang Yu said Vice President of the China index Academy, a whole, under the influence of the Lunar New Year holiday, property market enters the traditional low season, supply and demand are plain, hundred reduced slightly in overall residential average price stability, the vast majority of price changes is within 1% of the city. Looking to the future, in the last year, after a period of adjustment, with favourable policies overlap, expected to stabilise the market.

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