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Buy easy happiness index higher and higher

On February 12, the Southwest finance and household finance survey and Research Center published the first report of the national happiness. Report shows that people generally feel happier, happiest in Shandong province, Guizhou province, bottom, top ten from Beijing to Shanghai. In addition, the report concluded that buying a House easier city happiness index higher. Beijing-Shanghai happiness are 135
/> the report of gross national happiness as an indicator of happiness, index is computed from 2013 to household financial investigations (CHFS) asked to respondents ' subjective well-being. Specific issues "in General, do you feel happy now? "Answers there are five to choose from: very happy, happiness, General, not happy, very happy. Gross national happiness based on 100 as a reference point, expressed the subjective well-being of the residents; based on 50 for one interval, and if the answer is "not happy" and "happiness" index of 50, 150, respectively. Happiness index higher and higher degree of happiness.
overall, our residents to feel happiness, happiness index in more than 130 residents ' happiness index in urban areas is 133.1, slightly more than residents of rural areas of 127.0. Judging from the provincial, happiness is very different in each province. Highest happiness index in Shandong province, to 147.5, and the least happiness only in Guizhou province was 118.6, a difference of nearly 30 points. In addition, the report shows that in both Beijing and Shanghai because housing prices are soaring and life stress often nationals complained about the first-tier cities, people's sense of happiness is not as low--in Beijing and Shanghai in the happiness index of 135.0, tied for seventh place in the 29 provinces surveyed.
more likely to buy more happiness
house prices has become the well-being of a large hill. House price-income ratio, the higher the lower the happiness index of urban residents. Case study in Shandong province and Guizhou province, Shandong province, the price-income ratio is 7 (that is, buy a 90-square-metre house minimum 7 years of revenue), which belongs to the buyers most likely to one of the three provinces (addition of Heilongjiang province and the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, respectively); and house price-income ratio was 16 in Guizhou province, the fifth highest in the provinces.
money not willful
report found wages 20 to 30 yuan per hour happiness index at its peak, more than 30 index started to fall. Funny thing is, fume Blanc and high concentration of the hourly earnings more than 30 handsome and hourly earnings between 7 to 12 of cock wire people happiness. Meanwhile, daily working time, work longer not happy, working 8 hours a day crowd of happiness around 134, and more than 11 hours of people's happiness index will drop to 126.8.
regardless of whether they want to admit it, material is still the key factor in determining happiness. Reports show that higher income or assets, and happiness is higher. In income, for example, annual disposable income of a family of up to 10% people's happiness index reached 142.3, 10% minimum household annual disposable income index was 122.0 people happiness, a difference of nearly 20 points. But money can do willful? Data show the top 10% of the population, if not healthy, their happiness is only 123.0, 10% bottom than income, but healthy populations (the happiness index of 126.7).

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