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Average interest rates April even drop below 95 percent

&Nbsp;      since the end of October, to the strong tendency of Beijing real estate market bottomed out, and behind the recovery in the property market, are gradually easing mortgage market in force after the new deal. After 360 monitoring data show that Beijing home loans average interest rate having decreased in April, fell below 95 percent in the month, first maximum interest rates for benchmark interest rates offer super 60% per cent, providing 90 percent bank interest rates to as much as 10; Bank of Jiangsu in the stop-7 months later this month to restart the mortgage business.
        from the conditions attached to lending rate, compared with simple and clear of foreign banks, Chinese banks, especially State-owned large concessions seem "vague". The agricultural Bank, the industrial and commercial bank of China, Bank of China and Bank of communications was invariably mentioned in the preferential terms "quality customers" this word, but no uniform standards on how to define quality customer. Discount or not discretion has always been in the hands of banks, by contrast, the customer's situation is very passive.
       in the implementation of the new deal, is in Beijing in 28 major banks, except bank, Hangzhou, Guangdong Development Bank, ping an Bank and Bank of Tianjin 4 stop outside, other banks have to implement the new deal, "and admitted credit denied" comprehensive landing of the first standard in the capital city.

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