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35 inventory, Tower City 11 months the first drop or cause price increases

Latest data show that at the end of January 2015, and in 35 cities nationwide new inventory volume was 271.21 million square meters of commercial housing, fell 0.7%, an increase of 17.1%. This is 35 city property stocks rose after the first decline in 11 months in a row. Industry estimates, appeared in the August sales than last year for the first time after the next turn, turn under the stock for the first time this month, "crutches", the prices will soon by the down-turn rise.
cities inventories decreased slightly by
from the monitoring data show that in January, the 35 cities is less than the monthly new supply added volume (new in January volume of 16.51 million square meters, reduced 30% per cent, down 1.2%). New supply than the added volume, inventory from the decline in January. Among them, 30 cities stock rose, 5 cities fell.
it is worth mentioning that, from a regional perspective, by the end of January 2015, one, two or three lines in 35 cities in new housing stock was 37.48 million square meters, 190.49 million square meters and 43.24 million square meters, the rose-3.9%, 0 and-0.8%, respectively, up, and 35.5% and 13.7%, respectively.
industry insiders said, inventory fell in first-tier cities is evident. Reflecting the current supply and demand relationship in first-tier cities, market transactions on a larger scale.
35 city residential
digestive cycle up to 14.5 months in January 2015, 35 cities, newly-built commercial residential sales than 14.5 per cent, of 14.5 months for this also means that the market needs time to digest these inventories. In December 2014, the pins than a value of 14.9 months.
experts say, suggesting that January has rapid destocking, which in January and are directly related to changes in the relationship between supply and demand. Meanwhile, the effect of various bailout policies actively release will also have a PIN than to continue to decline.
from the indicators to measure inventory velocity of PIN than can be seen, 2014 inventories to cycle through the "inverted u" trend, which reflects the various types of rescue effect in the show, which makes the Ministry of housing and "do everything possible to digest inventories" targets to be achieved more quickly. Meanwhile, on February 5 after the Central Bank reduced, releasing positive effects, is expected after the Spring Festival with the quickening pace of both supply and demand in the market, the big city inventory velocity is still expected to continue to accelerate.

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