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2015 stable housing is the key

March 5, 2015, at 9 o'clock in the morning, a Government work report Premier Li keqiang, in 2014, the Government review in 2015 and overall deployment is explained in detail.
      the real estate hot topics, Premier Li keqiang in 2015, the Government focused on the Organization of work proposed to speed up consumption growth areas, stable housing consumption, support for both residents and improve their housing demand.
there is no doubt that past 2014, the macroeconomic situation more difficult than expected. Larger downward pressure on the economy, appeared the throes of structural adjustment, enterprise production and management difficulties, uncertainty risk, this series of difficulties and challenges to 2015 the Government put forward higher requirements. We all know, economic growth is mainly driven by the troika, namely investment, consumption, export, consumption plays a fundamental role, plays key role in investment, while investment in real estate development plays an important role, according to their proportion of the investment is 1/5. Therefore, the Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission Zhu Zhixin said that despite the fall in growth compared with the past, but that doesn't mean future Governments with regard to real estate will do nothing in 2015, housing consumption will remain stable and will focus on survivability needs to improvement needs and comfort requirements.

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