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Loan process

Ningbo personal mortgage loan process:


⑴ borrowers make loan application to the Bank.


b investigation, review and approval, open a savings account at the Bank or a bank card, and to the Housing Department for real estate appraisal. Operating loans of 50,000 yuan above should also apply for credit card.


c a borrower, mortgagor, the couple had assessment of property right certificate, proof of identity, marriage certificate, proof of loan purpose that I sign the mortgage contract and the loan contract and mortgage contract formalities such as registration and insurance.

d loans after completing the above procedures, same day loans, will be transferred to the borrower opened with our bank account or bank card.


⑸ borrowers each month (quarter) late 20th in its financial accounts deposited sufficient amount paid each repayment amount and settlement of all principal and interest due date.

after repayment, lenders write off mortgage, and returned to the customer.

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